Eye Lock Log Day 2 – QuickPress

Today very sick. No voice, lots of pain, in bed all day. Eye contact was the only training we did besides testing/training understanding hand signals only from laying-down position.

Started with beef/lamb raw frozen little “mealtballs.” One per click. By 5 reps, he laid down. Boring.

Switched to tiny beef heart cubes (also raw, frozen), RF per c/t and hid flying/tug duck behind my back.

Got up to 7 seconds, then went for 10. At nine, he looked away. When will I learn?

Went back down to 1, did several reps of 3, then 5 seconds because that seemed reliable, then worked up fast to 10, click and reward w/RF and The DUCK.

He is starting to stare at me more often during the day. Must remember to try to c/t when I catch him at it. Right now, only reinforcing occasionally.

With no voice, easy not to be tempted to attempt to say the cue!

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