Entering Photographer Whitney Williams’s Magical, Ethereal World (Interview)

[Image description: Abstract black and white image of a woman’s torso, from mid-upper arm to top of neck. She is clutching something, maybe pearls, to her, and long, very curly tendrils of hair fly around her, as does a white gauzy shawl. The image is overlaid with irregular-shaped circles.]

One of the forms of writing I enjoy most is interviewing. Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone’s life is fascinating if they unravel the details of what they’re passionate about.

As my blog has grown, I’ve found myself wanting to interview dog trainers, other assistance dog handlers, people with experience of grief, as well as artists and activists with disabilities.

Some of these topics fit perfectly with the main themes of After Gadget, while others are related but slight departures. Thus, I’ve slowly been creating my “spin-off blog,” aftergadget.com, where I feel a bit more “artistic freedom.”

Today I have a new post up at aftergadget.com that I’m really excited about, and I hope you will be, too. It’s an interview with Whitney Williams, a photographer who has found ways to make amazing art while living with multiple disabilities/chronic illnesses.

As I’ve been mentioning all month, May is awareness month for both multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) and Lyme disease, both of which Whitney (and I) have, so interviewing Whitney now was particularly timely.

Click here to read the interview of Whitney, maker of magical, ethereal, spring-inspired art!

– Sharon, the muse of Gadget (who let me make water-color paw prints with him before he died), and Barnum (star of many mundane but adorable photographs)

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