Birding Thursday: Tufted Titmouse

This week’s bird is the Tufted Titmouse, and I have several fun pictures. The first one, with the seed in its beak, is the best bird photo I’ve ever taken.

The tufted titmouse is a member of the chickadee family, which is more obvious from their similarly friendly, even bold, behavior than from their appearance. If you have a seed feeder, chances are you’ll have titmice and chickadees come calling.

Titmice are super cute and expressive. They’ve always been one of my favorites (although I can’t actually think of a bird I don’t like, so maybe that’s not saying much).

I’m too tired to try to come up with description myself, so I’ll just copy the relevant parts from my Audubon field guide’s description:

“6 inches. Upperparts, pointed crest, and tail gray; underparts dull white; sides washed rusty; forehead black; white ara around beady black eye. Cheerful, active.”

Tufted titmouse, side view, in window feeder, holds seed in beak

Probably my best bird photo yet!

Image description: Background of spring green trees. Foreground, a tufted titmouse stands in Plexiglas window feeder mounted to the glass with three clear suction cups. The titmouse is holding a sunflower seed in its hull in its beak.

Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to get a picture with his crest up. In fact, his cheerful hippety-hoppity tendencies often meant I got some pretty silly shots:

A titmouse with its rear facing me, its tail off to the left as it turns its head to the left with its head tucked down and toward its flank, its one eye barely visible, outlined by its a crescent of white face.

Not a view you usually see on nature cards.

Nor this one. . . .

Titmouse hind end

Ah, yes, the much-sought-after Titmouse ass shot.

Lots of good Barnum-related news, but I haven’t been well enough to blog lately (or reply to the many queries in the comments). I appreciate your patience. Please stay tuned. . . .

– Sharon, the muse of Gadget, and Barnum the bouncy

1 Response to “Birding Thursday: Tufted Titmouse”

  1. 1 patti brehler June 30, 2011 at 7:04 am

    Very cool! I can’t believe it–after I read this post, I walked past our living room window and…what was that I saw on our feeder???? YES! A tufted titmouse! Thanks for the Karma, haven’t seen too many around since spring. Unfortunately, my camera was not at the ready and off he went.

    And no need to apologize–do what you need to do for YOU.

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