My Email Was Hacked; Don’t Open Weird Link

Hi all,

Just a quick head’s up. If you got an email from me during the night (around 4:30 AM ET) with a strange subject line and weird link, DO NOT OPEN IT. My AOL account was hacked. I’ve changed my security settings and am deleting the 400+ bounced emails now and replying to concerned replies. I apologize to anyone this has inconvenienced and hope nobody clicked the link.

If you get any other suspicious emails from me, please tell me, because it means I haven’t fixed the problem (but I think I have.) I regret, again, that this occurred.

I’ve tried to put the word out on FB, Twitter, and to the list-servs I’m on. I don’t want to email everyone in my address book to warn them, because then it’ll be like going through it all again! But please do spread the word to anyone you know is in my address book, if you should happen to be in contact.



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