Barnum, a black brindle Bouvier with a long coat, lies on a black rubber yoga mat that has its long side against a wall of floor-to-ceiling windows. Sharon sits in her powerchair about five feet from the middle of the mat. She holds her clicker in one hand and frozen cubes of red meat in the other. The camera follows Barnum, so Sharon is only visible in brief glimpses periodically when Barnum runs past her.

Sharon: Release!

Barnum jumps up and runs behind Sharon where she threw a treat.

He runs back to the mat and lines up with his left side to the windows, then turns and tries his right side to the windows, then sits. At the sit, he gets a click. In quick succession he is clicked each time he begins to lower himself from a down to a sit. The treats mostly land under him so he is clicked for maintaining the partial down.

After standing to get a treat that was off the mat, he jumps backwards and into a down, which is immediately clicked. Several clicks follow while he maintains the down with his whole body on the mat. The treats land around his head so he’s able to eat them without standing up. Then one bounces off his forehead and he stands to get it.

Sharon: Release!

Barnum runs off the mat to find the treat Sharon threw behind her.

He trots back to the mat and lies down immediately. He’s pointing the opposite direction of the previous down, and his right front paw is off the mat, but he gets a click anyway. The treat bounces off the mat, and he gets it. When he comes back, he tries turning and facing the other way, but gets no click, so he sits and begins to lie down and then gets clicked. The treat lands behind him so he switches sides and sits again and receives several clicks and treats for sit moving into a down.

Any time one of his front paws is partially off the mat, a treat lands far enough away that he has to move to get it, so he is repeatedly pulled back to the mat.  He stops for a moment to look out the window, the turns around again. he sits again and is clicked several times for being entirely on the mat, but has ended up on one end of the mat, so that if he lies down, he will be partly off it.

Sharon: Release!

Barnum bounces up and runs after the treat, then runs back. He immediately drops into a down, his left side to the windows.

Clicked, he stands to get it, drops into a down again with one paw just an inch off the mat, clicked, stands, drops into a down in the exact center of the mat, all of him on it. Click. Three treats land in front of his nose.

Sharon: Good boy!

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