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5th Assistance Dog Blog Carnival Coming Up!

Cyndy Otty at Gentle Wit is hosting the October Assistance Dog Blog Carnival (ADBC). She has picked a terrific theme and is highly organized, as usual! We already have two submissions in!

Assistance Dog Blog Carnival graphic. A square graphic, with a lavender background. A leggy purple dog of unidentifiable breed, with floppy ears and a curly tail, in silhouette, is in the center. Words are in dark blue, a font that looks like it's dancing a bit.

Help us achieve another great carnival!

Please visit Cyndy’s carnival announcement to find out about the theme, deadline, and how to submit your post. If you’re wondering what the heck the ADBC is, here is a page about it, including links to past carnivals.

Please also share, tweet, forward, and generally spread the word about the ADBC!

Thank you very much!

– Sharon, the muse of Gadget, and Barnum, SDiT

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