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This Brain Left Intentionally Blank

This blog post brought to you by repeated doses of my special migraine cocktail and my very unstylish, but fabulously effective, light-blocking sunglasses.

I’ve been working so hard on the mumblemumble that I haven’t managed to get the two other After Gadget posts up that are mostly done. One of which relates to the mumblemumble.

But, some time soon, I’ll post “Squirrels Gone Wild!” and the other one. . . .

Meanwhile, my butt has been glued to the bed (not really, because I can’t tolerate adhesives), I’ve been using my brain too much, and now I have The Neverending Migraine. (It’s like The Neverending Story, but without the fluffy flying dog-like dragonish thing.)

So, a little time off. Which is what Barnum has been getting all week. He is so bored.

He tried the guilt thing for a while. . . .

Closeup of Barnum with his chin resting on the bed, staring straight into the camera with sad, pleading puppy dog eyes.

"Mom? I'm bored, Mom. Are you going to stare at the black box all day again?... Mom?"

But eventually he gave up. . . .

Barnum inside his crate, lying in "dead bug position," asleep with his head thrown back, all his legs in the air, just letting it all hang out! He is lying on a tan puffy dog bed inside the crate, and there is a red Kong against his butt.

I don't know how he manages to sleep in this position, but he does!

Adorable? Definitely. Dignified? Um….

So, yeah, more blogs much later tonight or tomorrow, including a surprise I’ve never tried before!

Speaking of things I’ve never tried before, all week I have been tweeting and FaceBooking (is there a verb yet for using FB?) and status-updating at other social forums (fora?) for chronic illness for the you-know-what. I have done more social networking in five days than I have ever done before in my life, combined!

It’s been a learning experience. In fact, a friend of mine who also blogs and is working on the auction mentioned that her blog has a fan page on FB. That had never occurred to me. Then I wondered, “Should I do that?”

Therefore, a question for you all: If I set up an After Gadget page, would you “Like” it?

I’m not sure what I’d post. Barnum pictures, definitely. Funny, happy, or weird little things that happen with Barnum that are too short for blog posts — most likely.

Links to grief resources for the grief resources pages I haven’t finished  yet, for sure.

Updates about the Assistance Dog Blog Carnival (links to posts, lines I like, reminders, links to the next host, etc.), maybe. Would that be useful?

I could also do stuff WordPress doesn’t allow, like giveaways or something.

Still noodling. What do you think? Be honest. I won’t be offended if there isn’t interest.

If you want to follow me on Twitter, you can do that already. My handle is aftergadget. (I know. You’re surprised.)

I can’t promise that I’ll tweet anything particularly fascinating, or frequent, or funny, but maybe. Who knows? I pestered celebrities this week (with some success), so anything may be possible.

– Sharon, the muse of Gadget (she can be soooooo boring sometimes), and Barnum, SDiT? (OMG. First the surgery, now this! I want to work! Can we train? Please?)


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