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Photo Essay: Snow-Frosted Bouvier

It’s snowing, again. Last time I checked the thermometer, when I let Barnum out, it was seven degrees Fahrenheit.

As I’ve blogged recently, we fixed my outdoor, snow-worthy powerchair and got my two-way radios working. Then Barnum and I were able to go for a few walks.

Since we’re expected to get one-and-a-half to two new feet of snow fall, in addition to the four feet we already have, I don’t think Barnum and I will be doing much “roadwork” in the next day or two. What’s a disabled trainer/handler and a service-dog-in-training to do?

Enjoy the snow, of course! Bask in the memories of our recent walks!

Here are some pictures of Barnum, the abominable adorable snow-dog, getting out and about, enjoying the snow and freezing temps. (Making use of that water-repellent, Bouvier des Flandres double coat, bred to withstand harsh conditions.)

First, I have to gear up:

Powerchair covered with cold weather gear

Snow-worthiness checked? Check. Layers to put on? Check.

[Photo description: Huge powerchair with black parka, red scarf, red hat, and tan mittens draped over the seat. A green leash, attached to the chair, is looped around the left arm rest.]

Then I have to put Barnum’s gear on him:

Barnum in orange vest on ramp surrounded by snow

I'm ready! Can we GO now, please?

[Photo description: Barnum, a furry black brindle bouvier des Flandres, stands on a black metal mesh ramp with black metal railings. He is dressed in a bright orange vest with reflective strips. He gazes into the distance. The snow on either side of the ramp reaches his elbows.]

Barnum is not so patient while I get dressed:

Can we GO yet? Ive already sampled the snow, and its delicious.

What about now? Can we go NOW? I've already sampled the snow, and its delicious.

[Photo description: Barnum stands in the doorway, looking up. His beard is encrusted with snow, and little balls and flecks of snow and ice stick to his fur on his head and body.]

Okay! I’m ready to go out in the pleasant weather (defined as, “Above 10 degrees Fahrenheit”):

Sharon bundled up for a walk in the snow

Layering for warmth! Oh, and fashion, of course. Soooo fashionable....

Sharon does her pre-flight radio instrument check

Testing, Alpha Bravo Charlie... Receiving transmission? Over.

[Photo description: In the first image, Sharon wears a self-deprecating smile as she sits in her powerchair, a leash in one gray-wool-gloved hand, a walkie-talkie in the other. She is wearing heavy gray sweatpants and a bulging black parka. She has a gray wool hat pulled down practically to her eyebrows, over which is a baby-blue sweatshirt hood. Wrapped around the hood is a huge red-and-black knit scarf. In the second, Sharon holds the two-way radio up to her mouth.]

Then off we went for our walk, which I’ve detailed in the aforementioned previous post.

But Barnum did not want to come inside. After all, it was snowing and well-below freezing, and he’d just been for a walk. Why would he want to come in?

Barnum, King of the Hill, surveys his domain from atop his snowy peak

First, to get the lay of the land. . . .

Branaum, King of the Hill, surveys the other direction

. . . In all directions. . . .

[Photo description: Barnum sits atop an enormous mound of snow, several feet high, next to the house. He is level with the windows of the house. He wears his orange vest, and his beard is white with snow.]

Then, when the gear came off, it was time to zoom around and play! First, run away from Mom. Then. . . .

Barnum at the very end of the snow-covered ramp, running

I think Mom called me.

Running up the ramp

I'm coming, Mom!

Barnum runs on the snowy ramp, head down

Almost there!

Barnum's head and shoulder's, very shaggy, his snout totally white with snow, his head cocked to the side in a very adorable, questioning way

So, you called?

[Image description: Four photos of Barnum running from the very end of a long, snow-covered ramp, to a close-up of his face and shoulders, his eyes hidden by his black fall, his head tilted to the side, questioningly, and the top of his nose and his beard white with snow.]

After a treat and greet, it was off to play some more!

Barnum runs to the top of a very large "snow cliff"

Run up here!

Play bow in the deep snow

And play bow!

Barnum runs down a snow bank

And run down here!

Barnum downhill playbow with snow face

And play bow!

[Image description: Four photos of Barnum playing in the snow. First, up a high cliff of snow, a paw in the air, blurred by movement. Then doing a play-bow, his front half and muzzle invisible in the snow, his eyes just visible above it. Then running down a steep snow bank. Then another play-bow in the gully, one side of his face caked with snow.]

And then, of course, a thorough roll in the snow, with lots of face rubbing. . . .

Side of Barnums face caked with thick snow

I have a little what? Where?

Barnum standing against a backdrop of snow, his legs covered with snow, and his face, especially the muzzle and the right side, totally caked with snow and ice

Why are you laughing, Mom?

[Image descriptions: The first photo is an extreme closeup of the side of Barnum’s face, which is completely caked and matted with snow, except for his eye. The second shows Barnum’s whole body, standing sideways with head turned toward the camera. His legs are full of snow balls, and his face is caked with snow, especially around his nose, where some snow balls the size of grapes cling to his fur.]

Eventually I got cold and went inside. Finally, Barnum decided he was ready to come in, too:

Barnum sits outside the storm door, a thick layer of snow on his coat, especially his face. In the relfelction of the glass, Sharon is visible holding up the camera, taking Barnum's picture

Mom! Can you please stop taking pictures of me, and let me in?

And these photos were all taken before the latest storm!

But how can I not enjoy the snow with this funny guy at my side?

Extreme closeup of Barnum's face, side view, his brown eye peeking out from under the snow and hair

My Sweet Snowy Bouvie Boy

-Sharon, the muse of Gadget, and Barnum (polar bouv)

P.S. Readers, I’d appreciate hearing from you whether you enjoyed this photo essay, and if I should do more. (Such as some from Barnum’s puppyhood.)

Likewise, to my blind and low-vision readers, does a photo essay hold interest for you if I include the photo descriptions, as I have above, or do you just skip this type of thing? I’m happy to get comments below, or you can contact me privately at the contact page.

Thank you!

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but really I’d just have missed

a few more meals, water for pills, maybe pissed

myself or spil

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