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Photo Essay: Bouv in a Bathtub

This is a follow-up to the post, Good, Clean Fun: Compulsion-Free Bath.

First you jump into the tub (which is too hard to capture on film). Then you sit your butt down. . . .

Barnum sitting in a white fiberglass bathtub with a large white grab bar on the edge of the tub closest to the camera.

OK, I'm sitting here, waiting for some hot dogs, please.

Then you lie down and relax. . . .

Barnum lying down in bath tub

OK, I'm lying down. Where's the cheese?

Then turn on the water, and toss in a few treats to distract from the water.

Barnum finds a treat under his front leg while lying in bath tub

Ah! There's a bit of hot dog!

It’s important for  every bit of hot dog to be snorked up. . . .

Barnum finds another treat between his front legs while lying in tub with water running in

And there's another one!

And, while you’re there, you might as well relax. . . .

Barnum rests his head on his leg while lying in the bath tub

I might get clicked for changing position. . . .

Then, turning up the water pressure.

Barnum stands in tub looking at stream of water splashing over the drain

This water is acting interestingly.

And then even more water splashing in! . . .

Barnum has taken a step back and looks a little uncertain about the water pouring and splashing into the tub

Woah Nelly! It's really pouring in now!

He looks concerned, so I reduce it to a trickle again. He’s still standing in the water, however. This gives him the opportunity to. . . .

Barnum's muzzle drips as he bends over the drain, bobbing for hot dog bits on the tub bottom

Bob for hot dog bits!

– Sharon, the muse of Gadget (I had too much dignity to enjoy bathing), and Barnum, SDiT and clown

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