Interior of a large, open room with no visible ceiling. It has wood floors and natural wood trim with white walls. The room is messy, with clothing and paper bags on a kitchen chair and table, dog toys on the floor, and a large, rectangular tan dog bed with a red towel on it. An oxygen tank in a cart and an emergency battery pack on a dolly stand on either side of the dog bed.

The wall is made up of four door-sized glass windows. Two that actually are doors (have handles) and two that don’t.

It is dark outside. Nothing can be seen in the windows but darkness and their reflection of the room inside.

Barnum, a large, leggy, muscular black-brindle dog with a docked tail, wearing a powder-blue collar, stands in front of the central door.  His head and tail are up and at attention. His floppy ears are perked. He is staring at the glass.

We hear the clicks of a powerchair as the camera approaches closer to Barnum’s rear.

Barnum jumps up on his hind legs and barks three times — deep, sharp, loud, echoing barks. The camera tilts sideways to capture the whole length of the tall door when Barnum starts jumping.

After springing up for his barks, Barnum collapses into a down, continuing to stare at the glass. After thinking for a moment, he starts barking again while lying down, then bounces to his feet and stands, barking at the glass.

The camera moves in closer and tilts sideways again. Barnum starts bouncing on his back legs again, an occasional whine mixed in with the barks. He switches back and forth from bouncing on his hind legs to dropping to the floor in a down and then back up again.

He turns and looks at the camera, and we hear Sharon giggle. He moves to the dog bed in front of the window to his left. He looks and sounds like he feels some frustration, a dissatisfaction. He barks and whines at the window from the bed, then moves back to his original window and leaps into the air with a bark and back down onto the floor in the down position.

He continues to bounce and bark. As he tires, he ends up in a down more often, with more abbreviated whines, and his bounces are punctuated by his forepaws hitting the glass. After landing, he chases his tail, and in turning, seems to notice Sharon. He wanders over and sticks his nose toward the camera, then turns back to the windows.

Finally bored with them, he wanders past the dog bed to a yellow Kong toy in the shape of a flying saucer. The camera rights itself as Barnum grabs the toy, bites it, noses it across the floor, and then abandons it to lie down in front of the couch.

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