Barnum is in a dim room, standing on his hind legs with his front paws on a piece of cardboard attached to the wall. A hole is cut in the cardboard, where a white light switch and plate are visible. His nose is to the right of the light switch. Barnum is between the wall and the back of a gray power wheelchair.

He moves his nose up and down as he moves left toward the switch. On the third or fourth nudge, he reaches the switch and pushes it up with his nose, causing the room to be well-lit.


Barnum jumps down. A treat is tossed over the bed and onto the floor, to the right of the chair. Barnum eats it and looks back up.

SHARON: Barnum, light!

Barnum turns and jumps back up on the wall. Again, he moves himself across to the left to reach the light. He flicks it down with his nose (and the room dims) and then immediately flicks it back up again, lighting up the room again.

SHARON: Yes! . . . (Quietly) Oop.

Sharon tosses a treat to the left side of the chair. Barnum eats it off the floor and is walking behind the chair.

SHARON: Light!

Barnum stops walking and jumps up right where he is, centered almost perfectly over the switch. He plants his paws and quickly nudges the switch down. The room is dim again.

SHARON: Yes! . . . Good dog!

Barnum looks at Sharon with ears pricked forward, expectantly waiting for his treat.


This transcript refers to the video for this blog post.

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