Sharon wears a black turtleneck and sits in front of a white wall. Her voice is a scratchy whisper, more intelligible on some words than others. She simultaneously speaks and signs most of her dialogue.

Sharon: Hi, I’m Sharon, and. . . .

She turns to her left and calls, “Gadget, come!”

Gadget trots quickly onscreen and stands at an angle in front of Sharon’s left knee, looking into her eyes. He is a gray bouvier with short, wiry hair. He wears a purple collar and a blue backpack with patches that say “Please don’t pet me. I’m working,” and “Service Dog” on them

A low, booming female voice, acting as the voice of Gadget, from off camera: “And I’m Gadget, and this is what I wear when I help Sharon out in the world.”

Sharon: Now I’m going to show you some of Gadget’s different skills. He helps me in the house and outside. Right?

“Gadget”: Right!

Sharon: First we’re going to show you some simple skills we use outside. Right?

“Gadget”: Right!

Sharon puts her right hand next to her left knee, palm facing back.

Sharon: Side.

Gadget orients himself in heel position, touching his nose to her palm.

Sharon: Good boy. Gadget, heel.

Sharon’s chair beeps as she turns it on. She moves forward, then turns to her right. Gadget follows in heel position on her left.

“Gadget”: Or “wheel,” as the case may be.

Sharon’s chair beeps as she speeds it up. Gadget keeps pace. Sharon stops, facing the camera again. Gadget is a little forward. Gadget watches Sharon’s hands. Sharon raises her right hand in the air, making a gesture to indicate backing up.

Sharon: Back.

Gadget backs up.

Sharon: Good boy.

Sharon puts her hand in “side” position again and Gadget lines up parallel to her chair, touching her palm with his nose.

Sharon: Good boy. Down.

Sharon points to the ground with her index finger, and Gadget slides into a down. Sharon presses a yellow clicker hanging from her chair’s joystick. Gadget pops up. Sharon reaches into a red pouch hanging from her controller.

“Gadget”: Click means treat! Every time she clicks, I get a treat! My favorite is cheese.

Sharon feeds Gadget two morsels. He looks at the camera at the word “cheese.”

Sharon: Back up. Sit.

Gadget sits.

Sharon: Good boy.

Sharon looks at the camera. Gadget looks at Sharon’s face.


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