Sharon’s bedroom. Sharon sits in her powerchair next to her bed. Barnum stands in front of her, looking at her.

A large, black, wire kennel with lots of dog toys, towels, and other things piled on top is at the foot of the bed. A thick, tan dog bed covers the crate floor.

Sharon tosses a treat behind her. Barnum goes after it, and Sharon moves forward. When he returns to her, Sharon says in a disability-accented voice, “Barnum, kennel!” She hits the back of her open right hand against the front of her left open hand twice as she says, “Kennel.” (This is a bit of a joke, as this is American Sign Language for “jail.”)

Barnum heads straight into the kennel, and as Sharon moves to the kennel door, Barnum turns around and walks out again, then looks at Sharon, waiting expectantly for his reward. Sharon rolls her eyes, drops her hand on her thigh an stares out the window for a moment. Then she gives a short laugh.

She backs up and transfers out of her chair and onto the corner of the bed closest to the crate. Sharon again speaks and signs her cue for “Kennel.” Barnum enters the crate and sits down immediately. Sharon locks the crate door and Barnum lies down. Sharon opens the crate door, while Barnum remains in a down. Sharon shuts and opens the door again, with Barnum continuing to stay down. Sharon clicks and signs “Release!” (Hand signal is ASL for “Finish!”) She tosses Barnum a treat onto the floor and signs to the camera person, “One more.”

Sharon cues Barnum to enter the crate again. He does, and she shuts the door. He sits down. Sharon moves around a bit and then sits about two feet from the kennel opening and waits. Barnum sits quietly for fifteen seconds.

Sharon unlatches and opens the kennel door, waits a couple of seconds, clicks, cues, “Release!” Barnum exits, and Sharon tosses a treat on the floor for him.

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