Sharon sits in her powerchair with a white tray of meat cubes on her lap. On her right side is a television. Next to that is a wood stove with a boom box on it. And next to that, and what she is facing, is an extra-large gold-wire dog crate, with a blue denim dog bed in it. It is in a corner, so that it’s back and right side are against walls.

Barnum walks past her and heads into his kennel before Sharon asks. She holds out her left arm and makes a noise to call him to target her outstretched hand. He leaves the crate and comes to her.

Sharon says, “Kennel,” in a disability-accented voice and uses her signed cue (the back of her open right hand touching the palm of her open left hand twice, the American Sign Language word for “prison”). Barnum heads into his crate and stands, looking out.

Sharon moves forward and latches the crate door. Barnum sits and watches her. After a moment, he lies down. Sharon nods and moves forward, unlatching the door, which swings open and bounces against the wall behind it. Barnum continues to watch Sharon as he lies in his crate.

After a few seconds, Sharon clicks, signs and says, “Release!” (Hand sign is “Finish” in ASL.) Sharon says, “Alright!” and hands Barnum several pieces of food.

Sharon says, “That’s it,” signing, “Finish,” to the camera person, then clarifies by moving her hand across her throat to indicate “cut.”

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