Sharon sits in her p-chair in front of a crowded living room/kitchen area. She has on shorts, and there is a tattoo of a snake around one calf. Barnum stands in front of her, pacing slightly. Sharon holds a mat of white fabric on one side and blue plastic on the other in her lap.

Sharon tosses something off screen.

>> VOICE: They can’t see him now.

>> SHARON: That’s alright. Ready?…Mat!

Sharon throws down the mat, blue side up, in front of her footrest. Barnum slowly trots over and stands on the mat, examining it and moving on it until all four feet are on the mat.


Sharon reaches for a white plastic container on a shelf behind her. She drops a few pieces of soft food on the mat, one at a time, right in front of her feet. Barnum eats the treats.

>> SHARON: That was a slow and pathetic mat. Let’s try that one more time.

Sharon tries to pick up the mat, but Barnum is still standing on it. She reaches into a pouch hanging from her joystick and tosses a piece of kibble off screen. Barnum runs after it, and Sharon picks up the mat.

She drops it onto the ground again, it floats a little farther from her.

>> SHARON: Mat!

Barnum walks over more slowly than the first time. When all four feet cross the mat, Sharon clicks.


He immediately moves to stand next to where Sharon is sitting, pulling him off the mat for his treat. Sharon feeds him the treats.

>> SHARON: I’m not satisfied with that. OK, stop.

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