TEXT: Elizabeth was a brilliant psychologist and talented athlete until she became bedridden due to Lyme disease. Elizabeth is an extremely generous woman who now needs our help as a people, as a community, and as a society.

Photos of an attractive young woman with long red hair. She is thin and smiling. She has freckles and a healthy complexion. One shows her in a graduation cap and gown. Another in the cockpit of a plane. Each says, “Before,” at the bottom.

TEXT: Elizabeth is suffering from late stage neurological Lyme disease with many co-infections.

Photos of a woman unrecognizable from the previous ones. Her face is gaunt and emaciated. Her eyelids are half closed; it appears as if she’s not able to open them all the way nor that she has control over her other facial muscles, which are slack. Her hair is brown and limp. She is lying down in both pictures. Each says, “Now,” at the bottom.

TEXT: She has been suffering for over half of her 39 years and went undiagnosed, as do so many who suffer from Lyme, until it was virtually too late. As a result, she has never had the appropriate treatment and now her body is shutting down and organ systems are being affected.

Photo of a brown, short-haired, medium-sized dog on a beach. He has sand on his muzzle, and large, pointing ears. It is captioned, “Symon, Elizabeth’s best friend.”

TEXT: We believe we now have the doctors to help save Elizabeth’s life.

Many pictures follow of Elizabeth and Symon cuddled up together, with Elizabeth looking completely physically devastated, thin, immobile, and in pain, just holding on to her dog for dear life.

TEXT: Elizabeth has severe biotoxin and mold illness along with severe inflammatory problems in the root of her immune system, her organs, cells, and brain. These issues have to be treated first and foremost, before the late stage Lyme, and other infections, can be addressed.

There follow more pictures of Elizabeth and Symon, including one where he is lying on her chest, looking up into her eyes, which are almost closed, but looking down at him.

TEXT: The doctor she needs to see is in Maryland. She is in Florida.

Further pictures of Elizabeth and Symon — wearing matching knitted lime-green caps, lying snuggled together, looking into each other’s faces.

TEXT: We have gone through the possibility of having her Dr. come to Florida  to see Elizabeth. Because of Florida laws, and complexities surrounding it, it’s not a possibility.

TEXT: Hebrews 13:2  Do not forgot to entertain strangers, for by so doing, people have entertained angels without knowing it.

Drawing of a man (maybe Jesus?) embracing a person whose back and head are all we see. There is a suggestion of angel wings and a white dove above them.

Photos of Elizabeth and Symon again — looking out at the beach, Elizabeth in dark sunglasses, or lying in bed.

TEXT: Elizabeth is not able to make this trip in any moving, ground vehicle. She has severe light and sound sensitivities, and she can’t have constant stimulation for extended periods of time. She has severe motion sickness where she can’t sit in the back seat of a car, ride on a bus, be in the back  of a van or RV.

Two more pictures of Elizabeth and Symon lying together. One in which Symon is curled up asleep on Elizabeth’s chest, while Elizabeth holds him and looks off into space.

TEXT: Flying via air ambulance or chartered private jet non-stop is the ONLY way she can get to Maryland. It’s a two-hour trip. The cost for air-ambulance or chartered private jet is $23,000 round trip.

A picture of Elizabeth sleeping with her head against Symon’s back.

TEXT: We have a hotel already set up for her in Maryland. Her Dr takes Medicare, so Elizabeth will only have to pay $25 for everything. He has the knowledge and willingness to help. It’s where we have to start for treatment. The only thing we don’t have to make this happen for Elizabeth is the plane to get her there and back.

Photo of Elizabeth sitting up, holding Symon. He is looking straight into the camera with his big brown eyes and big brown nose and pointy ears. Above them it says, “RIP Symon.”

TEXT: We have exhausted ALL charitable flight options: Angel, Mercy, Pilots for Christ, etc… and Fed Ex….

TEXT: For the Flight: We’ll need to bring a wheelchair. I will help Elizabeth get on the plane. She will either lie on the floor during the flight or have to sit straight up. We will need to bring a cooler full  of ice packs. Her body temp has to be kept cold. (i.e., her air conditioner in her apartment has to be kept at 65). We have an oxygen tank and will be bringing it along.

A collage of 12 photos of Elizabeth and Symon or Elizabeth with Corey. It is captioned, “Be the change you wish to see in the world. One woman. One flight. One beautiful  life. She only needs one yes to save her life.”

TEXT: If you would care to donate in Elizabeth’s name to help with funding her flight, there is a direct link on her webpage at http://www.helpelizabeth.net.

TEXT: For contributions by check, please send to:

Elizabeth Chalker, c/o Dr. Corey Cameron

6292 La Costa Drive

Suite D

Boca Raton, Florida 33433

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