This transcript is for this captioned video at dotSub.

All narration is done by Sharon, and is of the scenery ahead of her and around her, as she rolls down her driveway and street.

SHARON: What does it mean to be rural?

Here we go. Off of my ramp….

Through my gate… This is my big van.

And here you can see my dirt driveway. The gulleys, the ditches, the big stones everywhere.

These are the stones that my van is parked next to and I inevitably get my chair caught on them when I’m letting Barnum in or out and I end up going around in circles, like doing a donut, which is not really what I want.

So, as you can see, there is no pavement anywhere. This driveway is not too bad if you don’t mind all the bumps and stones.

The road has been graded recently, which is a vast improvement over when it’s not graded. So if I go right out my driveway, it’s relatively smooth sailing for a little bit. And then after not too long you get to a huge — well, not a huge hill. You get to a hill which is not nearly as bad

as the other hill in the other direction.

This is all dirt, and this is quite smooth for this time of year. This is sort of the best time of year.

In the winter and spring, it’s um… there’s deep gulleys and ditches….

So hopefully you can see. Well, maybe you can’t see.

Hopefully you can see this steep incline.

You see all these rocks and pebbles and stuff everywhere.

This isn’t a problem right now because I have good clearance. But that down there at the bottom of the hill…. and when you get down there… That dirt is much worse, more bumpy, you can maybe see right here that there is a lot of gulleys and ditches and stuff.

And this is as good as the road ever gets.

And this is the easy direction for me to go on the road.

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