Sharon sits in her powerchair inside her living room.

Sharon: OK, hold on, I have to get  him to stand up. I’m going to telepathically tell him to sit.

Sharon: [Using hand signal for stand] Stand up!

Barnum stands.

Sharon: [To Barnum] Yes!

[To her mother and father, off camera.] Hold on, I have to get him standing first.

Sharon reaches into bag of white cheese cubes on her foot rest and gives one to Barnum.

Barnum stands looking up into Sharon’s face. All is quiet.

Barnum sits.

Sharon: Yes!

However, Barnum continues to slide into a “down.”

Sharon: Oops! [Laughing hard] You laid down! [More laughter] Stand up!

Sharon gives him another piece of cheese.

Sharon’s mother [off camera, laughing]: He did sit at first.

Sharon and Barnum lock eyes again. Silence.

Barnum sits.

Sharon: Yes!

Sharon gives Barnum a treat.

Sharon’s mother off-camera: Did you lower your eyes?

Sharon: I looked at his butt.

Sharon’s mother: At his butt?

Sharon: Yes, let me see if I can get it….

Barnum scratches himself and flops down.

Sharon: He wasn’t looking at me. [To Barnum]: Let’s try again! Stand up! Yes!

Sharon gives him a piece of cheese.

Barnum looks up at Sharon, then he sits.

Sharon: Yes!

She gives him another treat in the sitting position. They look at each other some more.

Barnum slides into a down.

Sharon: Yes!!

She gives him more cheese.

Mother’s voice: Did you look down?

Sharon: Yes. Alright, you can turn it off.

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