This transcript is for the youtube video found here.

Sharon and Barnum are in a square-shaped bathroom with tile floor.

SHARON: Barnum, shut the door!

Barnum goes around behind door and noses it shut. The door slams loudly. Sharon clicks.

SHARON: (in an undertone) OK, why don’t you move over there so you can see us from here?

The view rotates as the person holding the camera moves. Now Sharon is visible sitting in a corner of the room.

SHARON: I would go further that way.

The view changes again as the camera person moves again. Now we see Barnum standing in front of Sharon.

Sharon takes a white plastic obedience dumbbell and holds it in front of her. Barnum takes it and holds it quietly for about five seconds. Sharon takes her hands off during most of this time. Then grabs the bell on one end and clicks. Barnum lets go and Sharon gives him a treat.

Sharon holds the dumbbell in front of her, but low, near her feet. Barnum takes it in his mouth. After a few seconds, Sharon clicks and fumbles the dumbbell when trying to grab it and it falls to the floor.

Sharon holds the dumbbell just an inch or two off the floor, Barnum holds it, Sharon puts her hand on it again and clicks. Barnum releases and gets a treat.

Then Sharon puts the dumbbell on the floor and Barnum picks it up as soon as he’s holding it, Sharon clicks and tosses him a treat. The first few repetitions, he just goes to where the dumbbell is and picks it up. After four or five reps, he sometimes nose-nudges it or moves it with a paw before picking it up. Sharon clicks each time he’s holding it in his mouth, he droops it, and she tosses a treat. There are ten reps of picking up from the floor. In two of these, Barnum moves toward Sharon with the dumbbell before she clicks.

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