If you enjoy After Gadget and you want it to continue.

Do you learn from the posts? About dog training? About service dogs? About life with disability and chronic illness? About disability rights? About birds of New England?

Do my posts make you laugh? Make you cry? Add something unique to your day? Do you look forward to the Assistance Dog Blog Carnival?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, I wonder if you’d like to contribute to keeping the posts coming?

As a chronically ill person, I only have so many spoons, and it’s a tricky balance to decide whether to use them on paid writing, on dog training, or on blogging. If I write blogs, I don’t have time and energy to do paid writing. At this point, I’m having to choose more and more between using my energy for blogging or using it to try to get pieces published in paid venues. I’ve published 300 posts. If any of these posts has been meaningful to you, and you want more like them, I’d love it if you let me know.

If you are a regular reader or subscriber, please consider a “subscription” donation — donating weekly, monthly, or yearly. In 2011, I’ve averaged one post every other day, or 15 posts a month! That’s a lot of words! (And pictures, and videos. . . .) If you donated 25 cents for every post you’ve read this year, it would come to $25.

If you are able to help, whether it’s $3, or $30, or $300, no donation is too big or too small! (I will also mail you a nifty thank-you photo-card of Barnum!)

You can also help by visiting my disability-rights humor home-business, Sick Humor Postcards. Or, if you’d like to support the blog in other ways, comment on the posts. It always feels good to know people are reading. 🙂

Thank you!

Sharon, the muse of Gadget, and Barnum (honest-to-goodness service-dog-in-training)

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