Sharon sits in her powerchair in her living room, in profile, her right side to the camera. A wooden kitchen chair is two feet in front of her, the seat facing her. Barnum is lying on the floor in front of her, looking at  her.

Sharon encourages Barnum to come to her left side and holds out her left hand.

>> SHARON: C’mere. C’mon! Good boy. Touch!


Sharon throws some treats on the floor for him.

>> SHARON: [Gesturing with pointed finger around the chair in front of her] Around.

Barnum walks around the chair. When he is coming around the other side, Sharon clicks and throws treats on her right side. Barnum eats the treats.

>> SHARON: Good boy.

>> SHARON: [Gestures again toward the chair.] Around.

Barnum walks around the chair from the other side. Sharon clicks when he makes the turn and tosses treats on her left.

>> SHARON: Good dog! Release!

Sharon swivels to her left, and Barnum walks in front of her.

>> SHARON: Excuse me. Excuse me!

Barnum moves away to the right.


Sharon throws a treat to the side and grabs a power pack on a dolly. (It’s grey and black plastic, about one-and-a-half feet tall and two feet wide, with the dolly handle about four feet tall.)

She reverses, holding the dolly and puts it  in approximately the same place as her powerchair was earlier. Barnum follows her, curiously. She uses her powerchair to “bulldoze” the kitchen chair to the opposite wall.

>> SHARON: [to Barnum] What am I doing??

Sharon parks opposite the battery, about three feet away, near where the kitchen chair was before.

>> SHARON: Well, I’m not sure. I think that’s gotta be around two feet.

She sends Barnum around the battery, like she did with the chair.

>> SHARON: Barnum, around.


Sharon tosses a treat on her left side. Barnum eats it.

>> SHARON: Around.

Barnum circles the battery again.


>> SHARON: Good dog!

Sharon clicks and tosses several treats.

>> SHARON: [to camera person] That’s it.

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