Sharon sits in her powerchair on her lawn. A thin woman with gray hair in a purple and pink tank top and loose light blue pants sits in a chair next to her. The chair has cup holders on each arm rest. Several yards behind them is a tall, chain-link fence.

Sharon holds a red leash loosely with her left hand. Barnum stands in front of them, on the leash.

>> SHARON: Okay, go ahead.

The neighbor takes some treats from the cup holder on her right.

Barnum comes over to sniff the treats.

>> SHARON: Leave it.

Barnum backs up and sits down, looking at Sharon.

>> SHARON: Hold it out. And don’t look at him. Just chat with me.

>> NEIGHBOR: Okay. What’s over there? Is that lettuce?

>> SHARON: I forgot to look at my watch. [Looks at her watch.]

Barnum starts sniffing the ground and lies down.

>> SHARON: Yeah, that’s lettuce. [Pointing off camera to her left.] We’ve got mesclun greens and lettuce. [Glances distractedly at her watch.] We had really good mesclun going but….

Barnum rolls over onto his back and rolls around on his back, all paws in the air, snorting.

Sharon and neighbor both start laughing really hard. At the sound of laughter, Barnum rolls back onto his belly and looks at them, ears up, his little stump of a tail wagging.

>> NEIGHBOR: See, I have good peripheral vision.

Barnum goes up to the neighbor and starts sniffing her pockets, putting his head in her lap, and wagging.

>> NEIGHBOR: [Laughing] I don’t have any treats in there! I usually do. I took them out before I came.

Barnum goes after the treats in neighbor’s hand, but she makes a fist, and Barnum wanders behind them and around to Sharon.

>> SHARON: Well, we went past twenty seconds, so…. Alright! [Click!] Good boy!

Barnum comes over to Sharon to get his reward.

>> NEIGHBOR: [Looking in her pockets] Or maybe I do still have some crumbs in there! I don’t know.

>> SHARON: I can check the time stamp, but I’m pretty sure….

Sharon takes out a tube of meat paste and squeezes some into Barnum’s mouth. Barnum wags his tail as he licks.

>> NEIGHBOR: Ooh, yummy.

>> SHARON: Yes!

>> NEIGHBOR: Yummy goo.

Barnum wanders off-screen, sniffing the air.

>> SHARON: Come here, pup!

Barnum comes over to Sharon and she grabs his leash.

>> SHARON: Can we just do it one more time, just in case? I really should check my watch.[To the camerawoman] Alright, can we do it one more time?

>> CAMERAWOMAN’S VOICE: I was filming the whole time.

>> SHARON: Now?


>> SHARON: You’re still filming? Oh!

>> NEIGHBOR: [Laughing] So you got it all.

Neighbor grabs a handful of treats and holds them out in front of Barnum’s nose.

>> SHARON: Leave it.

Barnum looks away, then scratches, keeps turned away, sniffing the air. Sharon watches her watch the whole time.

>> NEIGHBOR: Is that a different clicker?


>> SHARON: Good boy! Okay, here ya go!

>> NEIGHBOR: [To Barnum] I know! I feel like I’m teasing you!

Sharon holds out tube of meat paste. Barnum takes a few licks, but seems interested in something in the distance and wanders off.

>> SHARON: I want him to learn not to take food from strangers. [To camerawoman] Okay, off!

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