Sharon sits on the far end of a bedraggled couch. She is plump, with short, dark hair, a black turtle-neck, and black striped pants. She leans against the sofa arm, facing the camera, and holding a pad of paper.

She signs some words as she speaks. Her voice and movements are slightly affected by neurological disability.

Sharon: “Sometimes I need to call Betsy, but my voice isn’t working, so I write her a note.”

Zoom on Sharon’s hand. It writes on strip of paper torn from the pad, using a large, black, children’s marker: “Betsy, can you come down?”

Sharon: “She works in the office upstairs.”

Sharon, in a high, sing-song voice: “Gadget, come!”

Gadget, who has a dark gray, curly coat, runs to Sharon. He is a large dog, about 75 pounds, with a deep chest. He looks at Sharon with bright interest.

Sharon: “Good boy!”

Sharon tucks the strip of paper under his collar and signs and speaks, “Gadget, where’s Betsy?”

Gadget runs to the stairs, and speeds up the wooden stairwell and out of sight. The upstairs balcony is all that’s visible. The camera stays focused on the white, wooden railings of the balcony.

We hear Gadget scratch, and a door squeaks open.

Betsy, surprised and pleased: “Hey! Sit, stay.”

Paper rustles.

Betsy’s booming reply: “Yep, I’ll be down in a minute.”

End of video.

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