This is the transcript for this Youtube video.

Sharon narrates while showing mostly the dirt road she is on, and occasionally showing the dense forest on either side of the road.

SHARON: And just to give you the perspective, this is what it’s like going down the hill.

[Loud rumbling of chair – continues throughout]

Um, which, if you have a dog on a leash who is not excellent about not pulling, this can be scary!

[Rumbling gets louder]

Especially if you use a chair sometimes that doesn’t have anti-tip wheels.

[Rumbling and wind blowing]

This is my birds-eye view.  This is what it looks like going down the hill.

[Louder rumbling of chair wheels]

It’s kind of like being on a roller-coaster, but without all the safety precautions.

So, that’s a little taste of what it’s like being in the country. And you’ve probably noticed nowhere is there cement, nowhere is there pavement, nowhere are there sidewalks.

[Rumbling subsides as chair slows]

This is country life.

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