Sharon drives her powerchair from where the camera is sitting and rotates to face it and Barnum, who is lying on the floor in front of the couch.

There is a coffee table behind her, and a large wire crate behind that. On the wall, a blue clock with a pendulum swings back and forth.

Sharon takes a treat from her foot rest and holds it out in her hand toward Barnum. As she holds it out, she says, “Leave it.”

Barnum looks at it and then looks away. Sharon looks intently at her watch. After ten seconds, she clicks and tosses the treat to Barnum, who eats it.

She takes another treat, shows it to Barnum, and places it on the end of the couch seat. She says, “Leave it,” and Barnum looks away from the treat and stares intently at Sharon’s face. Sharon leans back in her chair and studies her watch again. After five seconds, during which Barnum continues to watch Sharon’s face, Sharon picks up the treat and moves it to a low coffee table.

She repeats, “Leave it,” and drives away with her back to the coffee table, timing him again. He watches her face. After five seconds, she backs up to the coffee table, clicks, and tosses Barnum the treat. She moves to the camera and turns it off.

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