This is the transcript for this Youtube Video.

Sharon narrates as she drives her power chair, so you see what she sees. The camera bobbles a lot, and when she talks about swerving, the view is turning around because she is swerving.

SHARON: Now I’m going to show you what it looks like if I go left out of my driveway. And the hill that I just went down over there probably seemed pretty easy because I was going down it, but it’s different when you’re going up it. And I realized because my light settings weren’t very good that you probably couldn’t see all the loose gravel. Loose gravel combined with a wheelchair, combined with a steep incline, does not make for a happy powerchair motor. I’ll just say that.

So, um, again, this street right now is really quite good shape because it was graded and then we’ve had rain and then we’ve had heat, so it’s pretty baked right now. But this is not at all typical. We sometimes have roads closed due to mud, as well as of course ice and snow.

Everybody around here has a pick-up or an all-wheel drive or a four-wheel drive. You just can’t get along without it.

So, on our walk, the normal walk we take, or we would take if I had a working powerchair, see? I don’t know if you can see right here how bumpy it is. But, um, there’s this lovely swamp over to the left that Gadget always liked to get in, and then he ended up smelling like sewer. And here is a hill. The big hill. Can you see? I don’t know if you can see how everything is gravel because all the dirt — the gravel gets kicked up. And this hill just keeps going basically endlessly. And I’m probably going to start swerve and lose control of my chair here [laughing] because that’s normally what happens.


Yeah, so I’m sort of slalloming in order to get up the hill, partly unintentionally, because that’s what my chair is doing with the steep grade and the slipperiness of the rocks. And then you get up here and you think that the hill has leveled out but actually no, it just keeps going. It keeps going for like, a quarter mile at least, maybe more. If you see…. Let’s see…. Can you see that the hill just keeps going? And where it goes up there, it turns, and then there’s another, even steeper hill. Um, and I don’t think you can see how very, um…

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